In keeping with my passion to create positive change I care about aligning my programmes to meet your company needs.

We work together to identify, design, implement and deliver meaningful workplace wellness programmes to promote positive behaviour change, resilience and wellbeing.  

What does wellness mean at all levels in your company?

What constitutes success to you?

What are your goals?

Together we can build a custom workplace wellness solution to support your company where it’s at now and - how it can evolve to address future needs.

Programmes can be delivered as Events, Workshops, Courses, Weekly Sessions



My mind-body training programmes are science based and draw from yoga, mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, movement and contemplative practices. They can be designed to address specific or general wellbeing needs.

Each aims to :

  • Promote healthier behaviour patterns and reduce the physical, emotional and mental impact of work & lifestyle stressors

  • Be hands-on, accessible and beneficial to everyone.

  • Be used both in and out of the workplace to support the process of change.

  • Integrate my 3 ways to promote wellness  -  Education, Training and Empower 



  • 5 ways to Work at Wellness

  • Your Spine and Your Health

  • Posture, Pain and Performance  

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Yoga for general wellbeing 

  • Your Wellbeing Power Switch to Resilience 

  • Driving, Posture and Pain

  • Sleep Better 

  • Lower Back Health

  • Neck and Upper Limb Health

  • Stress resilience