Wellness WorkSpace®

"Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” - Jim Rohn


To help increase awareness of how the individual can understand and work with the
body and mind to help manage their health and well-being.


Simple to learn, easy to use tools, techniques and tips to help overcome
occupational and lifestyle stresses


The individual to take charge of their health to create progressive and
positive change and build resilience.


How can Wellness WorkSpace help your employees?

Our fast paced lifestyles, working environment and new technology are having a substantial impact on our physical, emotional and mental wellness making the well-being of the UKs’ workforce one of the biggest public health issues of the 21st Century.

Wellness WorkSpace helps address lifestyle and occupational stresses by taking workplace well – being beyond that of diet & exercise to promote a culture of health and well-being underpinned by responsibility.

Recent Projects

Date: 2017-04-06

Client: Channel Assist

Panasonic Annual Sales Force Campaign Event, Wellness Presentation and Practical sessions, Your Well- Being Power Switch to Stress Resilience : Stress,Your Health and Creating Bounce Back Ability.

Date: 2017-09-06

Client: Channel Assist

Channel Assist Field Team Event: Driving, Posture and Pain - Practical sessions: tips to create a personal strategy to help issues caused by driving for long periods, individual assessments to find the optimal driving seat position.
Group practice session to focus on releasing muscle tension and imbalances created by long periods driving.

Date: 2017-10-18

Client: Channel Assist

Sonos Annual Team Event: Posture, Pain and Performance - the hidden costs of poor posture, the physical changes creating pain, stiffness and illness and how to address these.
Immobile reactivity or engaged proactivity - a Choice: How posture affects mood, performance, self esteem - the facts and how to create change.

Date: 2017-20-26

Client: Channel Assist

Sonos Sales Team Induction Day: Posture, Pain and Performance - the hidden costs of poor posture, the physical changes creating pain, stiffness and illness and how to address these.
Immobile reactivity or engaged proactivity - a Choice: How posture affects mood, performance, self esteem - the facts and how to create change.


  • Gail presents to our head office team and field teams on a regular basis... The impact on our team has been substantive, increasing awareness of how they can manage their own health to overcome occupational stresses such as sitting or standing for long periods of

    Victoria Satterly, Managing Director – Channel Assist
  • Thanks Gail, good to see the feedback from the team. A lot of enthusiastic buzz from everyone! It would be great to take our future event to the next level. One thought - you spending some additional time with each of the team helping out with their car driving position, posture etc. I am also keen to hear your thoughts on other areas to focus on to continue the progress we have made using “Wellness WorkSpace.

    Alain Brissimitzakis, Client Account Director – 360°
  • I thought the car seat alignment session was awesome too. I feel much more comfortable driving now and I don't feel sore at the end of the day anymore.

    Jag Sandhu, 360º Client Account Executive
  • I had a bad hip and an achey leg since new car day last month. Not only did Gail help me locate the source of my pain, but also - I have covered nearly 1000 miles since Gail adjusted my car seat and there is ZERO posture niggles since!
    I wasn't convinced at first as it went against how I felt I should be adjusted, but stuck with it and it worked.

    Pete Dixon, Regional Sales Manager


Neglecting your employee's wellbeing has a huge impact on your business's bottom line


According to Vitality Health, the average annual cost of absence and presenteeism due to ill health
is just less than 8 per cent of a company’s wage bill - a business economic challenge not to


31 million working days are lost due to muscular skeletal issues such as back, neck and repetitive
strain issues


15 million working days are lost due to stress, anxiety and depression

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Help Your Business thrive

Invest in the well-being of your workforce.

Vitality Health “2015 Britain’s Healthiest Company Awards” found those companies performing best in the awards had a 24 per cent lower cost of lost productivity (associated with absenteeism and presenteeism) compared with the worst-performing companies. By looking after staff they looked after the bottom line.

Lifestyle and Occupational stresses cost Wealth, Health and Happiness.

A commitment to a wellness programme in your workplace that helps people take care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally will pay huge dividends. It stands to reason a healthy, happy workforce can positively impact finances and productivity.


We deliver workshops which include an interactive presentation and practical session to ensure delivery of the 3 ways to promote wellness.

  • The Presentation: provides the education to help build awareness and understanding of how to manage our health and well-being. It will cover the changes happening in the body in order to adapt to our modern life and how these can create illness, stress, anxiety, depression, lead to poor performance, lack of motivation, low self esteem.
  • The Practical : Will explore the use of simple to learn, easy to use & practical yoga, mindfulness and other tools and techniques to introduce into our daily routine to help combat these modern day stresses, create change and build resilience. These practical, portable tools range from 2 minute “ reboot tools” to 5 – 10 minute longer practices which are stand alone or can be combined as time allows.
  • Inspire and empower : Each workshop or event ends with a resume of “tips and techniques” to help employees create their own personal strategy for change and encourage a can- do attitude. Wellness WorkSpace also provides support sessions to reinforce, review or add to any subject covered by a workshop or event.

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